Game of Thrones!! Beware of Bogus Java Update

A message has been spread between Facebook users claiming that the hit TV series “Game of Thrones” has been cancelled.

Knowing just how many people are avid watchers of the fantasy series, it’s hard to imagine that many wouldn’t be tempted to click on a link like this if it appeared in their newsfeed:

Game of Thrones Cancelled! a Hoax

Game of Thrones Cancelled! a Hoax

In this case, however, clicking on the link will take you to a webpage that attempts to convince you that your computer’s copy of the Java plugin is out-of-date, and that you should install a new one.

The webpage (very helpfully) offers you a free download of Java Version 7 Update 25.

Java update from a non-java site

Java update from a non-java site

However, your alarm bells should be ringing.

Even if Java Version 7 Update 25 was the latest version of Java (which it isn’t – at the time of writing, Java Version 7 is at Update 60, and Java version 8 is at Update 5), you should always be wary of downloading updates from anything other than the official website.

Chances are that this download is malicious, and designed to infect your computer.

In Java’s case, remember you can always get the latest update from the Oracle website.

Although, on reflection, in Java’s case you might be wiser to simply never install Java at all.

Many computer users simply do not require it, at the very least most do not need it enabled in their browser. If you do have Java enabled, you are increasing the chances of hackers being able to exploit one of the commonly-found security holes in the software, and silently infect your computer.

Oh, and ask yourself this.

Would the makers of “Game of Thrones” really be keen to cancel their series after only four seasons?

It’s been a critical hit and a big moneyspinner for HBO. It’s not as if the show hasn’t managed to prove it can exist even after key members of the cast have come to a grisly end… </spoilers>



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